The Mortgage Benefit Program

For all AUPE members, family
and staff


The Mortgage Benefit Program covers the following fees

Legal fees
Home Inspections
Appraisal Fees
Land Surveys
Other miscellaneous costs.

  • You can save up to $2000 in these cost on any new purchase or sale of a property
  • You can save up to $400 in legal cost for a refinance or switch on a renewal mortgage
  • We will do a complete review of your situation and show you how the program can save you thousands on your legal and closing costs on every real estate transaction you do
  • We arrange your approval for all your mortgage needs. We can save you thousands with lower interest rates and better terms. We love to beat the banks
  • If you are renewing a mortgage or refinancing a mortgage, we can help you negotiate a great rate. 
  • You could save up to $4000 if you are selling a home and buying a new home using the MBP program
  • The Program is available to all your family members

There is no obligation or cost to talk about your situation, call us first
Call or email us at

How does it all work?

The member calls us before their next purchase, sale, switch/transfer or refinance.

  • We will arrange for their approval for their new mortgage, on their new home.
  • We negotiate a great interest rate and terms that suit their specific needs
  • We can provide them with a list of realtors that participate in the program and they can interview the ones they want to use. They can use their own realtor as long as that realtor agrees to the referral agreement with Verico Maximum Mortgages Inc.
  • Once you choose your realtor and have your pre-approval in place you can begin your search for your new home
  • If you are refinancing or renewing a mortgage we can arrange for that as well

No costs, no fees, no strings attached.

Our fees are covered by the realtor referral fee and our commissions paid to us by the participating lenders and banksWe use these fees to pay the cost for your members.

In a Nutshell

The program works like this:

We charge a fee to the realtor on both the purchase and the sale of your property. The standard charge is 25% of each side of the deal. This fee is then used to pay the legal and closing expenses (up to $2000.00 per side)

It is that simple

These expenses can run from $1500 to $2000 per transaction for a purchase, sale or for a purchase/sale deal. The Mortgage Benefit Program helps cover these costs for you

The Mortgage Benefit Program covers the following fees

Legal fees
Home Inspections
Appraisal Fees
Land Surveys
Other miscellaneous costs

Our great interest rates and mortgage terms help save you thousands of dollars in interest

Along with your legal fees and closing cost savings you can continue to save even more money based on the low interest rate we negotiate for you and your family.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Here are some of the things our clients say about us

Working with Daryl through the Mortgage Benefit program was all reward, no risk. As a first time homebuyer, he patiently answered my endless questions and got me the best rate by far (1 FULL percentage point below what the bank quoted me)!! And after all those good experiences, the real benefits show up. In the form of a cheque, in your mailbox, for thousands of dollars. I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t use this program and will certainly be mentioning it to all my colleagues.

– Maria Creed AUPE Member

Hello Daryl and Ian, I hope you enjoyed the holiday season? I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for all your hard work in getting my mortgage put together. Thank you as well for your persistence with TD bank in making it happen as quickly as possible. Thank you so much!

– Kirsten Jones Red Deer AB

Hi Daryl! Thanks a million for all your extraordinary service throughout our financing needs. Your service is way above and beyond the call of duty.

– Malcolm and Louise Shaw Calgary, AB

Daryl & Ian, Thank you both for all your hard work in helping us close our transaction for our ew house. We are enjoying it that much more after the great interest rate you were able to secure for us. Thanks again!

– Ian and Catherine Cook Calgary, AB

Daryl, Thank you so much for going the extra mile to ensure our house became our home. With Sincere appreciation!

– Erin S. Calgary, AB

Daryl, Thank you very much for all your help. You made my last condo purchase experience fun. I would love to continue using your service in the future and recommend you to all my friends.

– Tatiana G Calgary, AB

Thank you so much for all your work. You made my dreams come true and got me a beautiful home! Thank you

– Angie and Colin Calgary, AB

My experience with Daryl Marden has been an extreme pleasure right from his first response to my initial inquiry. My previous broker retired and referred me to Daryl for his “creative” thinking. I was very pleased with his prompt response to all my questions and inquires. Daryl did a great job for me on my initial mortgage and on my last mortgage. Daryl is an expert in his field and very pleasant to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending him. He is a broker that really cares for his clients.

– Nancy DeLaurier Calgary AB

These are only a few samples of the cards, emails and letters that we get every year. We pride ourselves on providing topqualify service and promise to provide that same level of service to you and your staff.

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