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Once your application is submitted the following will happen

    1. Confirmation of your application will be sent to you.

    2. We will review your application and pull a credit report. We may have further questions that will need clarification we can contact you by e-mail or phone. Please specify which you would prefer.
    3. We will process your application as quickly as possible and will submit to lenders on your behalf. Lenders are usually open from 8:00am until 5:00pm Monday to Friday.
    4. We usually have answers within 24 to 48 hours. In some cases we can obtain approvals within hours of your application being submitted.

We have taken great steps to protect your privacy and have implemented all security features available to us. We understand that some people still feel that the Internet is still not a secure environment. We offer personal meetings, phone interviews and fax transmissions to those who would prefer an optional method of applying for a mortgage. Please contact us with any concerns you may have.

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    I really appreciate the people that refer their friend and family to me. I like to say thank you to them. Please take a moment to let me know how you heard of me. Thank you!

  • We like to say thank you to the people that have referred you to us. Can you please tell us how you found us? Thank you this means a lot to us.
  • Tell us about what type of mortgage you need
  • Personal Information.

    This is a very critical section on the application. We need to have a 3 year history of your employment and where you have lived.
    If you can't provide a full 3 years please provide a reason in the final comments section.

    Main Applicant Information

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  • Tell us about your net worth and assets.

  • (Please complete existing mortgage section below on all mortgages.)
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  • Tell us about your liabilities.

    We will be obtaining a credit report and this will provide us with details of accounts. Please provide Account name andamount owed (no account numbers).

    Credit Cards :

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  • Mortgage Information: Primary Residence

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    Please list the creditor, amount owing, and payment :
  • Your Permission to proceed

    In this final section we just need you to review this statement and provide us with permission to proceed with your application. We will also need you to sign a consent form before you complete your new mortgage. We will send you a consent form to sign with your mortgage approval.

    I/we warrant and confirm that the information given in this application is true and is being used to determine my/our credit responsibility. You are authorized to obtain any information you may require relative to this application from any sources to which you may apply. You are further authorized to disclose in response to direct inquiries from any other lender or credit bureau. I/we agree to indemnify you against and save you from harm from any and all claims in damages or otherwise arising from such disclosure. You are authorized to retain the application whether or not the relative mortgage is approved.

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